Sat 27 Sep 2020  Watercolour

Sun 28 Sept 2020      Acrylics

For details contact Gill Morris


25 / 26 July 2020





$75 / day

To book contact Dave on davidaconlin@gmail.com


Sat 28 Mar and Sun 29 Mar 2020

2 Days workshop -  From Go to Whoa - Scenes of Fremantle in Watercolours

Venue - Moore's Building Contemporary Art Gallery

46 Henry St, Fremantle

$75 / day



July 2020

Hi Dave

Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic workshop From Go to Whoa that I attended with my sister and granddaughter, you are a talented watercolourist and you have fantastic training skills.

The set up for your training room was exceptional with overhead projector, so everyone could see your painting as it developed. Also your training and demonstration in understanding of how watercolour flows on the paper and the different effects that are produced was fantastic and has given me an insight into the whole process of painting in watercolour.

So thank you for your descriptive tuition and all round good fun.  We enjoyed it immensely and cannot wait for your next workshop or plein aire outing.

Liz Caporn

Sep 2018 Dear David,

Thank you once again for the demonstration you gave the members of Trigg Art Club yesterday, it was a most enjoyable and informative morning. We have an artist to demonstrate for us every month, none are as entertaining as yourself.  We have members at every level of their art journey, from beginners to almost professional. You give all of us tips and advice not available in a book but most of all you send us home with boundless enthusiasm.  None of which can be bought. 

We suggested that you make a demonstration video. I hope you find time to do so. There are many videos around but your style of demonstration is so happy and uplifting it would be perfect to watch when things are not going to plan.  I know that I would buy one.

Ann Dunstan


Trigg Art Club Inc.

Oct 2019 - Exmouth WA Workshop

I thought the whole workshop was wonderful. 

I felt the casual way he presented water colour  broke a lot of very restricting boundaries that I felt watercolour  held.

I might even have a real try when I get a few more watercolours to play with.

Super interesting how to tackle boats and buildings.  And most of all errors that were salvageable.

I hope some time in the future we can catch up for another workshop.


Anne Ransom


I want to say how thankful I am learning from you....Finally I am getting some help with colours applications and perspectives....so much more to learn and  stop painting by numbers.....let the colors and water do the composition......I have bad habits to get rid  of though....

I have learned so much  in  those last 4 classes and I hope you continue with your Zoom classes...I find it is a privilege to be learning  with  you Dave...

Many thanks from me personally for this opportunity..

Kindest Regards

Therese Fraser”

Hi Dave

Thanks again for a great workshop. Learned heaps from you.

I can say I was impressed in pretty well all aspects of your organisation, content and delivery. Cant think of any particular fault or deficiency no matter how hard I try! 

I have attached pics of my finished workshop works, so you can see the extra finishes I did back at home (noting your advice from the workshop). I am certainly pleased with the results of your tuition.

Thanks again.


June 2020

Trigg Art Club

Many thanks for sharing your time and your talents with us today.

As my dear old  Yorkshire granny would have said  " Eeh the lad's a tonic"

I wanted you to know what a fablous event I was at over the weekend. I was lucky enough to go to the Dave Conlin workshop which was truely inspirational. I felt I learnt more in two days than I did trying to teach myself over the past 6 months.  Hats off to Dave he was friendly, warm, generous with his skills and knowledge and a great sense of humour.  I had a great experience.

Shelly Dodds


Considering I didn’t want to attend and was forced by my husband to attend the workshop to accompany Amanda, and have not pickedup a paint brush since primary school, I’d say I would be the least qualified to make any comments but I will anyway.Delivery of the lessons with video excellent.Helpfulness of the teacher excellent Class level probably not for beginner unless some aptitude was present (none in my case)Did I learn anything absolutely and I bizarrely remember quite a lot which means the method of teaching was good.Delivery of class happy and fun.

Hi Dave, Just to say thank you for the workshop. I found it very inspirational, informative and lots of fun. I learned so much in two days and gained confidence, which is what I needed and I feel a marked improvement in my work now, drawing skills as well as painting and composition. I feel no matter what stage anyone is at on their watercolour journey they will benefit from your workshop and feel at ease

 Kind Regards


Hi Dave, Thank you for an absolutely amazing educational watercolour journey.  This was my first watercolour workshop and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I learnt a lot with having excitement to paint the subjects, the tones, perspective, points of reference, how to draw and paint people and cars ....

Kind wishes


Hi Dave

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop last Saturday at Jackson’s Fremantle, and loved your light-hearted approach and generosity in sharing your knowledge, which has given me the enthusiasm to start classes again.

Although I had been going to a watercolour class for almost a year, I learned little about the basics especially perspective, and I mentioned this to you before the workshop started. 

Your information about the colour wheel with percentages of colour was a lightbulb moment for me, with that info I realized there is no end of shades can be made from those 6 colours. 

I’m looking forward to experimenting with other sets of colours at home. 

How much or little water, how much or little paint and suggestions of brush sizes was really helpful. 

I was surprised and thankful that just before starting your demonstration painting you took a few minutes to simply and effectively explained and show the class how to archieve perspective in a painting.


Many thanks. 


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